Monday, 15 December 2014

The Science of Sports Analytics

Philadelphia 76ers coach Brett Brown talks about how sports analytics shows him how the worst team in the NBA gets better. What is fascinating is I could never imagine football going this deep (do they even regularly keep stats on assists?) Here Coach Brown can tell his offense is working even though they lose the majority of their games.
Something quite obvious too from the video is that the Sixers, while at the bottom, are creating a system of play, and part of their rebuild will be to have team ball where the output is greater than the sum of the parts.... think San Antonio Spurs and you'd be right, remembering that Brett Brown was an Assistant Coach to Gregg Popovich prior to taking the Head Coaching role at Philly. The Sixers are already signing international players too in an echo of the Spurs masterplan.

"Good to great." An expression many of us could use in taking things we do from good enough, to spectacular.

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